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‚ÄčI was fortunate to win a bronze in the International Loupe Awards 2014 competition for this shot.

Black Mule's new mystery, MURDER in the DELL,

about a serial killer in a small town, will be out soon!

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The Drift is the first in the Jack Bannister mystery series. It is a contemporary crime story combined with an historical lost gold mine mystery, all taking place in the Cripple Creek gold mining district. There are bad guys, good guys and a lost treasure, as well as plenty of action and great characters.

Uranium Drive-In is the second in the Jack Bannister series and takes place in the uranium country of Western Colorado and throughout the state. The team takes on a case of an attempted assassination of a presidential candidate and uncovers long dormant family secrets that shakes the family to its core.  

TheTaylor Legacy is a multi-generational historical novel about immigrant families blending together to become a great American ranching family in the mountains of Colorado. It is the story of how the Taylor family from Uranium Drive-In, came to be a ranching powerhouse. It has escaped slaves and confederate soldiers as well as Chinese and Mexican ancestors, and starts before the Civil War. 

New Mexicois our newest release. A traditional period western with a man-hunting sheriff and a bunch of outlaws working some of the roughest country in the West. The lead character, Jose Taylor, is drawn from a character in The Taylor Legacy, and follows his career as a man-hunter of some of the worst murderers, thieves and rustlers in the last decades of the 19th century. 

The Black Rose Banker, is a mystery, but not part of the Jack Bannister series. It's a novella, about half the length of a novel. It's done in the style of a 1950s "cozy".  It's a story about a brilliant, beautiful female serial killer and the FBI agent obsessed with tracking her down.