Black Mule Press is happy to announce its newest release: an historical fiction that begins with the end of the Civil War in Texas.   Leftover Soldiers, Life on the Western Frontier,  tells a story of the soldiers from both North and South finding a new life on the wide open frontier of America.  They find work as buffalo hunters, cowboys and outlaws.  Dealing with Indians, old hatreds and the unknown prairie, they build a new life for themself.  This is a book for all lovers of the story of the American West and the men who brought it to life.  Available in print, ebook and book stores very soon!

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​Historical Fiction

Jack Bannister Mystery Series

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​​Murder Mysteries

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The Drift is the first in the Jack Bannister mystery series. It is a contemporary crime story combined with an historical lost gold mine mystery, all taking place in the Cripple Creek gold mining district. There are bad guys, good guys and a lost treasure, as well as plenty of action and great characters.

Uranium Drive-In is the second in the Jack Bannister series and takes place in the uranium country of Western Colorado and throughout the state. The team takes on a case of an attempted assassination of a presidential candidate and uncovers long dormant family secrets that shakes the family to its core.  

TheTaylor Legacy is a multi-generational historical novel about immigrant families blending together to become a great American ranching family in the mountains of Colorado. It is the story of how the Taylor family from Uranium Drive-In, came to be a ranching powerhouse. It has escaped slaves and confederate soldiers as well as Chinese and Mexican ancestors, and starts before the Civil War. 

New Mexicois a traditional period western with a man-hunting sheriff and a bunch of outlaws working some of the roughest country in the West. The lead character, Jose Taylor, is drawn from a character in The Taylor Legacy, and follows his career as a man-hunter of some of the worst murderers, thieves and rustlers in the last decades of the 19th century. 

The Black Rose Banker, is a stand-alone mystery, not part of the Jack Bannister series. It's a novella, about half the length of a novel. It's done in the style of a 1950s "cozy".  It's a story about a brilliant, beautiful female serial killer and the FBI agent obsessed with tracking her down.

Murder in the Dell, is a plot-driven, stand-alone mystery. In the northwest corner of  Wisconsin, a serial killer is murdering people and discarding their bodies in the snowy winter woods wrapped in black construction plastic. The sheriff of the smallest, most remote department in the state is charged with catching the Black Plastic Killer.