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The Cripple Creek District


A world class museum in a fantastic little town.  Kathy Reynolds: Director. 




Colorado Championship

Ranch Rodeo: 

The best little ranch rodeo in the West!  Run by great people and they always have the best teams!



Mile High Sports: 

The premier sports magazine of the Rocky Mountain region.  Managing Editor:  Doug Ottewill.  

Working Ranch Magazine: 

The best ranching magazine in the business - just ask their readers Publisher/Editor: Tim O'Byrne.





Quarter Horse News: 

The best performance horse magazine ever - again, just ask their readers!  Managing Editor: 

Teri Lee.

Bert's Good Guy List


This list is for the people that I know and trust to be fair and honest.  I hope to include publications, businesses, editors, designers, ranchers, rodeos, trainers, and everyone that I have been in contact with that I know to be straight shooters.  I take this list seriously, and hope to help promote those that appear here. 

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Check out my friend and unbelievable sculptor  

Sheldon Roberts

Covered Treasures

A great independent bookstore in
beautiful Monument, Colorado