Jeremy Entwistle

 The Lucci Music Band, opening for Charlie Daniels.  Monument, Colorado 8 - 31-13


Writing:  I am available to write for your news letters, brochures, trade magazines, and any project you might have in mind.  I can also do photojournalism style projects (with photographs) for your projects.  Please contact me for pricing.   

I am available for writing, photography and publishing services.

These are some of the areas I cover.

On the starting grid.

Bert's Good Guy List:  I plan to expand the list to include anyone in our business that I know first hand to be good people.  This will include ranches, businesses, service providers, rodeos and others; I take this seriously and will only put up names that I believe in.

Publishing services:  I plan to offer help to new writers in the near future.  I hope to engage some of my editor and designer friends to offer their services through my site.  This will be upcoming soon - thank you for your patience on this. 

Webmaster / Bert Entwistle / Contact me at:  719-599-0475  or:

Speaking at events:I am available for speaking at book/writing events.  Contact me with your needs.

Yellow Swallowtail

Smothers Brothers

Photography:  My photography work is limited to natural light type photography.  I do not have a studio, and I no longer work in film.  I work with 100% high quality digital images, prepared and delivered any way the client wants.  Sadly, my knees tell me that I can't work in the rodeo arena any more; it seems that everything in the arena can out run me these days - even the barrel man!  Also - I don't do weddings - they terrify me . . .
   I do shoot ranches, ranch families, graduation photos, brandings, horse photos and almost anything that I don't have to outrun; gone are the days in the PBR arena - sigh . . .  I can also deliver or ship prints and digital files anywhere you would like them.  You can see more samples of my work on the Photography page.  Please contact me for pricing.